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At Hii Property, we believe that finding a new rental property, or a new tenant to fill said property, should be a
smooth, stress-free experience, but it can often be complicated and time-consuming.

Our letting Services

To help bring tenants and landlords together, we offer a variety of letting services, including:


Finding the right tenants is crucial for a successful rental property, and we can help you reach a wider audience of potential tenants with our property marketing strategies. By applying our marketing strategies to your rental property, we can help you make an eye-catching listing that will attract plenty of potential tenants and result in actionable leads for you.


Finding the right tenant is about much more than making a good online listing, as you need to carry out reference checks, confirm their Right to Rent, and secure a guarantor (where necessary) before you can finalise the move-in date. Hii Property can help you screen out unsuitable candidates and provide a list of potential tenants meeting your requirements (and optional criteria, such as pet ownership and smoking habits) from the pool of applicants, taking the hassle out of reviewing applications.


Keep it clear and simple with our lease agreement writing service, which helps you create a clear and concise agreement that protects your legal rights and lets your tenants know what’s required of them. We can prepare clear and legally binding agreements that protect your interests and foster a positive, transparent tenant-landlord relationship to make your letting experience hassle-free.


Hii Property can help take the hassle out of letting your property by assisting with everything from rent collection to maintenance and repairs, depending on your needs. We work with trusted contractors and financial institutions to oversee the day-to-day running of rental properties, ensuring that rents are paid on time, and any issues (such as tenant disputes or repairs) are dealt with promptly, so why not ask us to help manage your properties?


While we are dedicated to bringing together responsible tenants and reliable landlords, the move in date is far from the end of our involvement, as Hii Property provides a wide range of customer support during and after the rental period. Whether you need to resolve a dispute regarding repairs, the rent, or the deposit, we can help maintain positive relationships between tenants and landlords by fixing issues and mediating conflict.

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